How to manage multiple WordPress sites in one location for FREE


I’m a huge WordPress user. In fact, unless I’m building a site for ecommerce purposes then I’m going to use WordPress. It’s a great CMS with very powerful and easy to use features. Well, except once feature maybe. Managing updates can be a big hassle. I mean, it seams like a plugin or theme has…

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Work From Home Tip: Setting Up Boundaries


Working from home is great but it does have it’s drawbacks. There are many distractions and opportunities to be lazy. With the TV so close and that nice comfortable couch in the living room, it’s easy to get pulled away from work and zone out to a show. After all, who is going to know…

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How to Backup Your Autoresponder Lists


With the recent problems with DDOS attacks on Getresponse, I have decided to find a way to backup all of my autoresponder lists to an offsite location that I control. I’ve checked out different solutions like ArpReach and Interspire Email Marketer but didn’t really feel like spending $400-$500 on an offsite solution. I still plan…

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